About Backyard Backpacker

Hello and welcome!

I’m Carol Anne, the mama of Backyard Backpacker and the munchkin in the pink snowsuit.  I’m a born and raised Rhode Islander on an indefinite West Coast vacation.  Well, not really a vacation since my husband and I both have full time jobs but sometimes it feels like it when we visit places like Mount Rainier or Pyramid Lake.

Alexi is a software engineer and I work in HR analytics.  We like our jobs, enjoy traveling, and positively love being parents.  So we figured why not do all three?

“Why not” seems to be the defining attitude of all of our life decisions.

Want to get a puppy?  Want to have a baby?  Want to move to California?  Sure, WHY NOT?!

We’ve been traveling with Giota since she was about a month old.  We mostly keep to local (a.k.a. backyard) adventures within a couple hours of home but occasionally travel to more exotic destinations.  Not until we started sharing pictures of our trips with friends and family did we discover a very sad truth:

The majority of people think it’s impossible to enjoy travel with children.

I’ll be the first to admit that travel with children isn’t ever always easy.  Nobody likes dealing with an overtired baby or a diaper blowout on an airplane.  But I assure you that these are the exceptions and most of the time travel with children is AWESOME.  So awesome that we couldn’t keep it to ourselves and started this blog to share the awesome.  If we can have a blast traveling with our munchkin, so can you.

Parenthood changes things.  Your sense of adventure shouldn’t be one of them.

Fast Facts

U.S. States Visited

U.S. States Lived In

Countries Visited

Things We’ve Done

1. Skinny dipped in a glacial lake

2. Indoor skydiving

3. Watched Old Faithful erupt

4. Met Bill Nye the Science Guy

5. Found buried treasure

6. Attended a Jimmy Buffet concert

7. Rowed in the Head of the Charles

8. Caught and ate octopus

9. Gone bobsledding

10. Given a speech to more than 500 people

Things We’re Looking Forward To

1. Buying a house

2. Spending a year on a sailboat

3. Calamari

4. Afternoon naps

5. Coaching little kid soccer

6. More munchkins

7. Dog cuddles

8. Dinner parties

9. New Zealand

10. Starting a business

Things We’re Dreading

1. Shoveling snow

2. Holidays away from family

3. Explaining how to pronounce Giota’s name

4. The Game of Thrones finale

5. An empty nest

6. Vacuuming

7. Parking garages

8. Global warming

9. Sad news stories

10. Mosquito bites